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Walk, Walk, Walk…It’s Good Exercise

I’ve been posting more about food than I ever thought I would, and I am enjoying it.  Although I am not a gourmet cook, I enjoy doing it and when I find a good recipe, I like to share it.  That’s usually the way I feel about a lot of things.  With that in mind, I thought today I’d share one of the ways I like to exercise.

Believe me, I’m no fitness nut and I don’t go to the gym.  As a matter of fact, I don’t even belong to a gym.  I did that once upon a time, years ago.  Now I find ways to exercise at home.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I found exercise routines at Sparkpeople.com, which were a big help.

For almost 2 years now I’ve been doing walking exercises with Leslie Sansone videos.  She has many different videos, but they all basically contain the same moves and (sometimes) she incorporates weights or bands.  The focus is on walking and moving to get a mild cardio/aerobic workout, along with weight loss and body toning.

Here’s a video I just found on YouTube.  What’s great about that is, it’s FREE.  It is a good one for me because I try to do a 3 mile walk, 3 times a week.  This video is a 3 mile power walk.  The second mile is pretty fast, which I like.  She also uses light hand weights in some of the exercises, but you don’t need them to do the routine.  Don’t forget to watch the whole thing, because she does a cool-down stretch at the end.  During the video, they focus on some of the people in the background and how much weight they’ve lost. It’s pretty amazing.

I’ve found that working off some calories and keeping my body moving helps me feel strong.  It’s also helped me maintain the weight loss I accomplished last year, which is pretty difficult when I love to cook and EAT.

If you like this video and would like to see some of the other routines available, you can check out  this YouTube channel.  It has some Leslie Sansone walking videos and other easy exercise routine videos.  You can also search YouTube for Leslie Sansone videos and you’ll find them.  Make sure you check to see if the entire routine is included because some of the videos are advertisements that last only a minute or so.  If you aren’t sure health wise about this type of exercise for you, check with your doctor.

Anybody like to share their exercise routines with us?